Winter Care

At Mission Hill Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo, CA, we understand how important your pet is to you. Our animal clinic strives to give you the pet medical services your pet may need, including pet urgent care.

We also work to make pet care affordable with services like United Pet Care and Pet Assure. We offer a full line of care and urgent care services, including animals that have been exposed to bad weather and the elements.

We might think that animals only need special attention during the hot, summer months. While it is strue that pets may need special care during summer, they might need just as much care, if not more, during the winter in cold climates. Veterinarian care may help during winter months. Visit us for a “veterinarian near me” for more information and pet medical services. 

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Winter Pet Care

Winter can be a rough time for pets. Just like people, they can suffer from everything from dry skin to hypothermia. Read on for some tips that might help keeping your pet healthy and warm this winter.

Take Care of His Paws

If you're in a cold, snowy climate, it's important to get your dog a set of booties for their outdoor time. Salt and ice melt can cause paw pads to dry out and split. This not only causes discomfort, but can lead to infection. Ice melt also contains chemicals that can be hazardous to your dog if they lick it off their paws. If you don't have booties, make sure to clean off their paws with a gentle baby wipe and dry them when they come inside. Regularly apply petroleum jelly to pet's pads to keep them from drying.

Be Careful with Heat Sources

Pets might seek out warm areas when they are cold. Radiators, wood burning stoves, fireplaces should all be made as inaccessible as possible to pets.

Dry Him Immediately

Keep old towels on hand for when you return from a walk and thoroughly dry off your pet if he got wet.


Make sure pets have their own warm, cozy bed. Blankets and old towels are fine, as long as they don't lay directly on the cold floor.

Schedule a Winter Wellness Visit

It might help your pet to have an annual wellness check. Winter can be a great time to go, so a veterinarian on our veterinary team can check for any winter-related conditions. A “veterinarian near me” at our animal clinic may be able to help.

Visit Us for More Information a Veterinarian in MISSION VIEJO, CA, on Our Veterinary Team

If you're concerned about your pet's health this winter, our staff at Mission Hills Pet Care Center are happy to help. Give us a call for more information. Call us at (949) 206-1988. We also work to make pet care affordable with services like United Pet Care and Pet Assure. A veterinarian in MISSION VIEJO on our veterinary team is here to help with pet urgent care services.



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