Comprehensive Vet Care

What to Expect from Comprehensive Vet Care

As a pet owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is ensuring your pets are healthy. If you live in Mission Viejo, CA, you can bring your pets to Mission Hills Pet Care Center for reliable vet care services. Here is what you can expect from our clinic’s comprehensive vet care.

Comprehensive Vet Care


Vaccinations are one of the most important aspects of preventative care for pets. They help protect animals from diseases that can be deadly. Routine vaccinations can also help keep outbreaks of these diseases from happening.  A veterinarian in Mission Viejo will offer a variety of vaccines for pets, including vaccinations against feline panleukopenia.

Dental Care

Poor oral hygiene in pets can lead to various issues, including pain, tooth loss, infections, and organ damage. That’s why our animal clinic places a strong emphasis on dental care. We offer routine teeth cleanings and more advanced dental procedures, such as extractions.

We understand that routine pet dental care can be expensive. So, we will guide you to pet care discount programs such as Pet Assure and United Pet Care to help make dental care more affordable for you.

Dermatology and Skin Care

Your pets can suffer from various skin problems, including allergies and infections. Our veterinarians are experienced in diagnosing and treating all kinds of skin conditions in pets. We offer medicated baths and oral medications to help treat your pet's skin condition and make them feel comfortable again.

Pest Control

Pests like fleas, ticks, and mites can not only be a nuisance for your pets but can also lead to serious health problems. For instance, fleas can carry typhus, and ticks can transmit Lyme disease. 

At Mission Hills Pet Care Center, we offer a variety of pest control solutions to keep your pets safe from these dangerous pests. We can also advise you on how to protect your pets from these pests in the future.

Nutrition Counseling

If you're wondering how to best feed your cat, you're probably looking for “a dog veterinarian near me” or “a cat veterinarian near me” to help you. Our animal clinic can help you choose the right food for your pets based on their age, weight, health conditions, and more. 

We can also recommend specific diets for pets with health conditions like diabetes, allergies, and more. United Pet Care and Pet Assure can help you get discounts on the food we recommend for your pets.

Get Comprehensive Vet Care for Your Pets at Mission Hills Pet Care Center

Are you already searching for “a dog veterinarian near me” or “a cat veterinarian near me?” For such a veterinarian in Mission Viejo, CA, contact Mission Hills Pet Care Center today to schedule an appointment. We offer a wide range of vet care services to keep your pets healthy and happy.



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